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PHOTOS of Church Activities

A work in Progress... 

Your Photos


You have 2 primary ways of sharing your photos with the public and your members: A "slideshow" which lets you post very hi-res images, to be displayed in an elegant flash interface, and individual thumbnail galleries that can be placed on any page.




The slideshow is a flash-based gallery that appears on one page on your site, and brings in photos from an account set up with The main advantage of the slideshow over the individual galleries, is that you can upload large and hi-res images in any quantity. The end-user viewing your gallery can click a button view your gallery full-screen. It is an ideal place to put general images of your community, and the environment of your church. The chief disadvantage is that only the one gallery can be displayed. To display more specific galleries such as events and particular groups of people, the individual "photo galleries" would be a better option.


Managing your Slideshow

To update the images on your slideshow, simply log in to your photobucket account and upload (or delete) images in your main gallery, usually named "WebsiteGallery." Any changes made to that gallery will be immediately reflected in the flash display on your site. You may sometimes need to refresh your browser on your Slideshow page to see the changes. You can of course "hide" or indeed delete the Slideshow if it is not a good fit for your church.


Photo Galleries

Whereas the Slideshow outlined above is comprised of a set of images piped in from the external site "photobucket," individual photo galleries are derived from images in your images library. Images uploaded to your images gallery can easily be placed on any page.


To create an individual gallery, first upload images to a single, unique folder in your main images library. Then go to the page on which you'd like to post the gallery, place your cursor in the location you'd like the gallery to go, and click on the Galleries button below the editor window. Choose the folder containing the images you want on that page, and click Insert. A token will be place on your page, but when you save the page and view it, you'll see that the token is replaced with the images. Thumbnails of the gallery are automatically generated and arranged in rows.



January 26, 2020



You are invited tojoin us for Sunday morning worship at 10:30 a.m.. The Children's Message will be around 10:50, followed by Sunday School downstairs. We also have a nursery available during the entire service for children under age 3. To learn more about our Children's Ministry, see Children's Programs.


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Looking forward to our annual Old Fashioned Christmas Service. Nativity, great music, candlelight, kids program and candles for everyone! December 24th from 6:00 to 7:00. A community event, hosted in conjunction with New Beginnings Church. All are welcome!



We still need volunteers to help with Sunday School. Please sign up on the list at the back of the churchto occasionally helpMs. Rita and Ms. Lonny with the kids.



Wait for the announcement for when we start up our Wednesday evening Bible Study again.


OUR FACEBOOK PAGE We welcome folks to Click on this link to our Facebook Page:


About DuPont Presbyterian

Come to the About Us section to meet Pastor Dan, our staff, our church history, and find out what we're all about!


Join Us!

If you're curious about what a truly nurturing community of believers is like, come to the Join Us section to find out how you can get involved. 


Contact Us

We are in the "village" portion of DuPont, 502 Barksdale Ave 

Pastor Dan: (253) 310-1532

Map and more contact info.


Sign Up!

While anyone can access the main parts of our website, if you are a church member, you can sign up to read more in-depth goings on at our church in our "Members Only" section. There you will find another set of menus. We only allow people that we know to have access to this section.

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